WTS 11m SP Tengu Character

Tengu Pilot with most of the base trained.

bid starts at 3 bil


4 bil buyout offer

sorry ill wait to see if i get more

6 billion.


6.5 bil

I want to see if I can get a little more

you better fix your post. you dont have 11 mil SP you a lil over 5 mil SP so far it just looks like you are a scammer thats about to get the CCp ban hammer

hey he is right this pilot only has 5mil+ sp and it doesnt even have all the sub systems trained to even fly a tengu

OP seems to have extracted after starting the sell thread… He probably forgot about the thread, let’s hope.

In regards to the skill extraction, I will go ahead and lock this and give the op a chance to reopen a new sell thread with the proper facts in regards to the sale.