5.2m+ Focused Explo/Scanner pilot with drone skills. 25k unallocated SP

Plex Sale
Pilot location - Jita 4-4
0.0 Sec status
5282419 SP
25k unallocated SP
1 remap available. Currently mapped intel/memory
Positive Isk Wallet

Icecloud investigators - Apotheosis and Gnosis
Chrodynamic Candy - Punisher

Archaeology 5
Hacking 5
Astrometrics 4
Astrometric pinpointing, rangefinding and acquition are at 4
Survey 3
Nav 5
Evasive maneu/warp drive op. 4
Engineering Skills
Hull/Mechanics/repair systems 4
Drones 5
Drone interfacing/Sharpshooting 4
Sentry Drone interfacing 4
Cloaking 4
Propulsion Jamming 4

Eveskillboard: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Mrs_Dab

Starts at 3.6b.

Post here only.

3b buyout

24h bump

24h bumppp!


3.6 bid

Can sell right now for 3.7b

ok. 3.7b and acc info sent

ticket made, enjoy! :slight_smile:

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