Plz ignore wrong pilot will redo till moderator takes it off

pure focused specifically for PI, precuroor and porpoise no waisted sp anywhere else
custom train him to yopur desire

Great pilot for t2 minning drone skills , procuror and T2 porpoise
and added bonus great near max PI skills for passive isk while u mine

-9,167,943 skill points

  • 279,295 unallocatedskill points
  • 2010 pilot w/3 remaps
    -no killrights
    -jump clone in jita
    -npc corp only 1 corp in 8 + years (xcluding npc corps)

starting Bid at 7.5 bil BUY OUT- 9bill
i will pay transfer fee can do transfer with in few hours of notification of isk sent to pilot
thank you

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