Selling myself to the highest bidder!!

Max Yield Pilot
Forgemaster Skin (1.7b)
Lodestrike Skin (1.6b)

Pilot is located in JITA 4.4
Positive Sec status
Positive Wallet
No Kill Rights
1 Remap Available
1 Bonus Remap Available
I will pay transfer fee

Starting Bid: 33b (500m increments)
Buyout 38b

30b if you don’t have any offers

33B – preach!

Thanks for the offers! Let’s keep it rolling!!

As a bump, shouldn’t it have Drone Interfacing V for the max yield?

34b/o offer stands today only

34.5 - praise Jezus

35b b/o?

I’d like to get closer to 40b. How about we meet halfway at 37.5b?

Sorry, bid retracted. I have decided to invest my ISK elsewhere.

Still for sale. SP injected to get Drone Interfacing 5. 1,244,500 unallocated skill points available.

35 \o/

Thanks for the bid. Sale will close in 24 hours!

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wtf this aint even skilled correctly…

if you could decide sooner as i am going away for the weekend and wont be back till monday

edit : offer stands but ill be away for the next 48hours

Thanks for the bid.


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I’ll accept that offer. Send isk and account info. I’ll begin transfer.

Already paid

Isk and Account Details received. Initiating character transfer.