Wtb 200 - 250m sp pvp legend

Looking for 200m to 250m sp combat main with strong name… Not alot of industry science waste . killboard is not too important but expect solid trained skills. Scanning ok and preferred.

Isk is all ready to send . eveskillboards here pls msg in game as well

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Hemmo_Paskiainen 9

Pass: 123 or 1234 if there is one

~227m sp

650b isk killed 22b lost.

Born: 2004 June


Currently full +5s

Interesting … Whats price on hemmo? And daily up!!!

Terms agreed in game. Selling myself to @Phan_Korbal.

Awaiting ISK and account name.

Updated skillboard:


ISK and account name received. Started the transfer. Will let you know when it’s done.

thank you

this character has 214M sp correct? is what eveskillboard is showing just want to confirm?


Thank you. :slight_smile: excellent… awaiting toon

Transfer is completed. Enjoy your new awesome pilot!

Received thank you

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