WTB 200m SP PVP legend for main

Looking for a 200m+ pvp sub cap and or capital main … No mining or industry or little waste. Isk is ready


What is your budget? Basically, can you afford a “200m PVP legend”?

Would you settle for a 170mil sp purely pvp focused characters? You could inject any skills you think may be missing, but I doubt you will find many.


Pm me in game.

i have plenty of funds

i am interested what is price

evemail sent.

Still looking !! 200+ m sp combat pvp pve pilots apply!!!


Pass: 123 or 1234 if there is one

~227m sp

650b isk killed 22b lost.

Born: 2004 June

Can u make ur own thread? Thanks

I can offer 215b atm

im thinking of selling my pvp alt.



222,831,621 m sp

1.54t isk destroyed and 90b lost

Extractor price atm puts extraction at around 220b, not selling this for less than extractor price.

whats ur price


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