WTS Legendary PVP Pilot

WTS Legendary PVP Pilot

  • Excellent Core skills
  • Good spaceship command

Place your bids gentlemen!

So are we bidding on your sick zkillboard stats or the actual character sheet that you havent linked.

skill sheet?

10 BIL—Retracted, -10.0 sec status no thanks

Also you havent mentioned sec status, location. Make sure to read trough the rules so you know what to link.

camping travel supers and blobbing carebears with caps in dead lowsec regions makes you legendary?

in case if i fail to sell him in few days with the price beginning from 65 i will just extract that character into skill injectors
the price is around 45b+crystal set+ some other stuff scattered around the galaxy for 10-20b

Why do people threaten to extract their ‘legendary’ pilots :frowning:

It’s like putting a gun to a bunny’ head and saying buy it! Or else!

ill start you at 45

Let’s go to 50b

not relevant

if you say so.

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