WTS Legendary 2007 Pilot 22.6m SP

Hello fellow capsuleers,

I want to sell this Legendary Pilot. Unfortunatly i lack the time to play and make this a Great Pilot again.

10k+ kills

His own embarressing reddit post and YouTube vid

High lights

Once stripped of SP, now a solid base to train up further with Expensive skills already injected. Nice little project and to make this Pilot great again.

22.6m SP

4 clones (worth 2.5b alone)

  • Clone 1: full mid-grade Crystal set and Hardwires.
  • Clone 2: full Mid-grade Slave set and Hardwires
  • Clone 3: full +4 set
  • Clone 4: few +3 set and full Hardwires
  • Clone 5 empty

140 permanent Skins (Worth a lot of isk)

Good PI skills (If your into that kind of stuff)

3 Bonus remaps available.

Check him out.

Positive wallet, no killrights and docked in Highsec station.

Price: 30b Buyout
Bid starts @ 20b

Bump for this great toon

I start with 20 b …

Bid stands at 20b
Thank you for your bid Felix Tekwar.



21b for my friend

Thank you Eude, bid stands @ 21b.



Last Bump!

First 24b will get this awesome character.
Otherwise he will be sold seperatly, stripped of SP’s.
Thx for those who did a bid.

Did you strip the char?
If so, i bid 7b for the naked toon :slight_smile:

If you are still selling this char, send me an ingame mail please.

I just have 5B he is stripped but I don’t care.

Is this still for sale?

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