[WTB] 25M SP Rorqual Pilot

I’m looking to buy a T2 Indy Rorqual pilot and willing to pay about 15B to 20B.

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im up for sale
its a 33mil character
Fully T2 Rorqual and exhumer pilot

it’s too expensive. I have only at most 20B. :cry:

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i might have another pilot with less skill points let me have a look contact me in eve

Skullrazor Vyvorant.

here is cheaper one if price is right il let it go for good price Rorqual pilot

how much is it?

make me a offer

that pilot is jsut made for rorqual mining and good skills.

what about 12B?

its not a T1 industrial core was training into T2 but that all rorqual pilot i have thats low skill points.

I see, it’s ok.

so yeah its not what you looking for its a T1 Rorqual pilot or just get 13B more and buy the T2 i have.

If you accept 13B t1 is ok.

oky il post a thread now.

there is post go make offer there and i can carry on with sale its fine il let it go for 13B

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