WTB Rorqual character

Hello all ~ very need a Rorqual character Just enough skills to drive Rorqual is best!(T1core blabla~ )
probably about 10m-12m skill points? I’m not sure~
anyway~ of course more skill points is OK! just show your link plz and very thx fly safe everyone~
And my games are always online you can mail to Night Rainy contact me! thx :slight_smile:

This is max, not min yield, but a very focused character if you are open to better quality pilots:WTS High Quality Focused RORQUAL Pilot 24m SP +300k

21.5b If you think it’s OK, we’ll close the deal!

Bump! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

im up for sale

want 33B or offer me and we can discuss

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