WTB 2x Key to Lord Manel's Mansion 250mil each

Requires you to do COSMOS missions, 3-5 mission chains that are level 3 security mission difficulty against Blood rats.
Nossa Farad located at Chanoun - Governor’s Audience Chamber
Ader Finn located at Munory - Munory 5 Moon 3
and Odan Poun located at Chanoun - Governor’s Audience Chamber

After the 4th mission in the Odan Poun chain is done you will get the key as a reward. I will pay 250million isk for that key, if you have 2 characters with amarr standings on them I will buy 2 of them, and if you can get me 2 of them I will pay an additional 100mil for a TOTAL 600 MILLION. I need these in the next 4 days before my missions expire. Thank you.

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