WTB 2x production/science characters

I’m interested in buying 2 characters with production and science skills.
-at least 10 production slots on both characters
-at least 10 research slots on both character
-most production/science skills trained. Don’t have to be maxed, but at level 4 would be good.

What I’m not looking for is characters with 50+mil SP that have all sorts of other skills as well, besides the above mentioned ones. There can be some other skills trained, but not necessarily.

Post below with your character, price and Iet me have a look!

Check me out: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Ima_Makin

Thanks for the link!

If the character had some more skills under science, then I would make you an offer,right away, but as it stands, I would have to train/inject all of the missing ones.
You do have a very nice base to build off of though, so if I get nothing else, and you still have the character, then I will consider it. Will let you know if that happens!


https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Roach_Bait maybe?

why did you report my post?

I believe I didn’t…weird

I’ll pm you my skills link if you haven’t seen it already

The link worked, it’s a nice character!
Think it might be a bit too expensive for me, but I’ll ask anyway, how much are you looking to get for it?

I’m open to offers, it first i was hoping 60B,
But i would take 50B. if it’s in your range

Let me think about it a bit and look at the numbers. Will let you know tomorrow.

no problem, thanks

Thought about it a bit, and I think that for now I’ll have to say no.
Good luck with the sale!

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