WTB More than 50million sp scientist

Production, Science, Planet management, Resourse processing, Trade will worth more isk.

I will give a 60b price for a great character(maybe more)

up pls

My char has 45.5mil SP for 40bil B/O

tell me more

at least 40m sp plz, do not waste our time. :grinning:

hey 45.5 mil sp is more than 40mil

it is 46mil sp now, 4mil sp shouldn’t be a problem

up plzzz

I will give a 50b for a great enough character!

70 m SP crosstrained Indy Char /Black Ops ,JF,Carrier, Dread pilot ready to inject Rorqual Skill . Positive Standing and wallet
(PI ,Ore/Ice/Moon/Gas Mining, many Science Skills ,115 permanent skins, Full +5 implants set, 5 clones etc)


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