WTB PVP Looking for 130-140M SP

Hello, I want to buy a new role, I have a budget of 12 billion ISK, and there is no higher amount.
I want to ship an airline, but it doesn’t matter.
A decent name would be great, but as long as its name doesn’t have any numbers, it should work fine.
Looking for 130-140M SP, no lower.

If you have something for sale, you need 120B, please let me know!

Of course, if you have the right number, you can also bring a link and your offer.

Thank you

Continue to buy, get an account with 100MSP or above, bring you the link and quote, thank you

Sorry to say but if you want a character with that much SP you will need 130+ billion ISK.

Accounts may not be sold, only characters!

Thank you for your report. I know that it is just a role. It may be that there is a problem with the language expression. I already have a new budget, thank you.

hi Angelina leviathan

This toon is for sell. not 100m sp but a pretty good one. no waste
cap ready

1b per 1m sp would be my offer counter offer if its what you would like to buy. ingame or here np



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