WTB, 23-26M SP; 16B budget

Budget 12-16b,2m-2.6m sp,Tell me the price you want to sell

Do you want to buy 2mil sp character for 12 bil isk?

Hello, it depends on whether the skills I need

pvp,16b-2.4m,I think it’s OK

I think you meant 20m-26m SP not 2m-2.6m SP for 12-16b

Yes, it is acceptable within this range

Could you clarify in your topic title, that you are WTB a character for up to 26 Mil SP with a budget of 16B?

Hello, I’m sorry. There’s something wrong with what I said. I mean between 20 million and 26 million is acceptable

right, but without editing the topic title, those who will be interested in selling, won’t know you are looking to buy…

your topic title reads : budget 12-16b, 2m-2.6m SP.

it should read: WTB, 20-26M SP; 12-16B budget

thank you

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