Char purchased, ta all

Like the title says, good budget.

Not for resale, but personal use, good isk paid.


There has to be something - just make sure your prices meet reality. some people …

How much would you be willing to pay for a 212mil sp toon around?

depends on age and skills.

send me an eveskillboard link,

EDIT: Seller changed their mind - Still looking - and I reiterate, please ensure your prices have a basis in actual reality. 212msp doesn’t = 500bil.



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He is a very skilled pilot, so much so that has been used in AT. My price is pretty fair and am not trying to high ball you.
300bil would get you this toon. You have 1.7m sp available, he is currently training precursor ships and should have the skills done in 19 days according to eve. You can use the 1.7sp to train all to 5 or use them on pre. weapon systems. Let me know, can transfer today since it is my off day.

No longer needed, char purchased.

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