Price Check please 35mill sp 2012 char

price check please


I would like to purchase if possible, The best I can pay for this character is 29bil

I would say around 30Bil is a fair price.If it were skilled solely into 1 or 2 specific area that are in high demand nowdays like marauders or dreads/supers you could get 35Bil maybe more.

Thanks for the info trying to avoid all the low bids

Id let go for 30bil

Okay let’s go

Send isk and ingame mail with transfer account and ill get transfer started

I company now. Can you do it in 5 hours?

yes can do

Okay thanks.
What skill tree is this character currently working on?

Please register your post on the Character Bazaar for safe transactions

post moved to Character bazaar forum location.

char sold pending transfer

Thanks. I’ll send the money later and call you back

isk send, in game mail send

Isk and mail recieved starting char transfer

thanks boy

Char transfer complete you should have in 10 hrs thanks for quick sale good luck

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