Char sold

char sold

28 bil b/o

A Buyout is less than the starting bid. Okay sounds like a friendly bump tho

30 bil b/o no more …thnx

To be fair, 30b is a very fair deal. If they back out, i’m offering 28b/o

@ Girl Talk good one, thanks for the bump tho

31b offer


thx for the bid

up again

Mail in game, offer 35b

accepted as agreed ingame

Having calculated that 35B was a little over my budget, I decided to lower my offer to 32B


The current price exchange ratio is about 0.6, while the price offered by WTB is 0.5

that here is a sell thread and not an argue about price echange ratio stuff etc. but well you can discuss via ingame mail. And if you think the price exchange ratio is the only deciding factor to buy a char like mine you should maybe move on and look for a different one. o7

Ya, I mean would you accept 33B?We are so close

ok send isk and account name

sent isk and account name

Please start as soon as possible

I need your accountname as well.
will be here for 15min and then be back later today