WTB 30-80m SP PVP Toon

Post here I don’t check mail on this toon.

Looking for pvp toon. Nothing fancy but little wasted SP. preferably not a stupid name.

Daily bump

You willing to look a bit higher in SP? I shoot all the guns (all T2), fire all the missiles (torps/cruise/HM T2), fly most of the ships, waste little SP, and have pretty great implants.


Make an offer if you think you can afford it. Free bump if not. Mail me in-game if you want to make an offer, I don’t use forums much.

Happy to take a look if you can include the password.

other than that, BUMP

Besides some rorq skills, this toon was set up for caldari/gallente subcap pvp.
Are you interested?

Not interesting in that much rorq SP



Don Pedro 3JIoDeu I can do 19

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