WTB 5-10mil SP character

Prefer them to be Shield focused, but open to everything.
Most importantly would like to be able to do level 4 missions.
Missiles or Turrets either one, doesn’t really matter.
Need character for mostly combat and/or a little exploration. I’m going to use the character, not farm it out, so I’d really appreciate anything.
Shoot me your characters and your prices, and I will check them out.
Thank you!


Well, is complicated. You are asking for a Missioneer.

I have this character for sale, can pull many lvl4 of gallente / minmatar ( was pvp, some npc are negative by podding), diplomacy V, you can move anywhere in New eden but need check what are u doing if u unbalance her. You need more missiles or drone to do level4 anyway


6.7m points , many books injected, configured per/wil, implants …

check the gal/min values in standings.

Minmatar Republic 5.9947
Gallente Federation 6.7633
Servant Sisters of EVE 8.0000

offer, i can deliver in around 8 hours, i am receiving a pilot in the same account just now.

Offer decent and i sell , but the question here is how you value standings. Points and base are 4.5b, plus the price you think the standings worth.

I am not reading evemail, answer thread.

Yeah i can tell what Im looking for isnt the easiest, but this does have a bit of what i need, so let me think about it for a sec if nobody else is in line for it. I like this in the sense of the variety. I have 5 skill injectors, to pick either missiles or drones, so this might work out. Thank you. I’ll let you know quite soon.

Ok, i am online and can deliver in three hours, nobody interested in her at the moment . I am transferring other char sold i interested look the pilot i go to stay online a bit as her.

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