WTB missioning char

I don’t care about his ship faction. Weapon too.

Will be okay just having good standing with many locator agents.

Show me u r toon with standing

I have this character for sale, can pull many lvl4 of gallente / minmatar ( was pvp, some npc are negative by podding), diplomacy V, you can move anywhere in New eden but need check what are u doing if u unbalance her. You need more missiles or drone to do level4 anyway


6.7m points , many books injected, configured per/wil, implants …

check the gal/min values in standings.

Minmatar Republic 5.9947
Gallente Federation 6.7633
Servant Sisters of EVE 8.0000

offer, i can deliver in around 8 hours, i am receiving a pilot in the same account just now.

Offer decent and i sell , but the question here is how you value standings. Points and base are 4.5b, plus the price you think the standings worth.

I am not reading evemail, answer thread.

Hi, good to see u.
But i can’t see ur char.
Warning message telling me “Warning! Pilot Not Found. If you are the owner of this Pilot, Login.”

if you solve this problem, tell me one more time.

And I definitely have idea to buy your char.

I am online, is letter i of inmortal, intervention. for a readon i dont understand was a number 7 at the final., i remove

Offer ? ready to sell

Okay lets start. How much do u want to sell?

i like this char

As i day before, i think 4.5 is th price of the pilot without standings, 5.5b ?

If i’m not misunderstood it, u want 5.5bil for price of this char, right?

Yes i think is the correct value, because is a svipul pílot, with standings, implkants, and the skill points are decent ( 3 injectors plus the base skill 5m points ) and useful per se as puller

okay, i’ll buy. But i can’t purchase right now cuz i’m working , So can u wait for me just about 1day? i can’t play eve now.:frowning:

Yes, is a deal.

thank you for waiting. I’ll sell isk when i playing eve and contact to you

Please answer the thread, i normally dont enter in her on in this char.

Okay, i will do. Thank you again

Good day. Send me your ID and char who recieve isk by ingame mail

normally is the char selling, in this case itiniti


I am online but afk now.

send the isk and acc nma,e and answer the thread, and i transfer as soon i see the update (go to stay awake for work reasons, but disconnected)

okay i’ll sent my ID to that char. and what char do you want receive isk?

Go to chat, logging now.

you need send the isk to itiniti

isk and acc name recieved, was a steam account, then the buyer need create the eve account

transferred one moment ago

Please confirm you receive the eve mail of the transfer, you must receibve the character in 10 hours.