WTS pve golem pilot 14.1 m SP (sold)

Selling myself, http://eveboard.com/pilot/Alesteria_Naari
Can fly Golem with T2 cruise, sweet kaalakiota skin included )
5.0 sec status, positive wallet, in empire npc station, no kill rights, no jump clones, 2 remaps
6.24 Caldari State standing
I pay transfer fee
All CCP rules apply
16b start, 20b b/o (updated)

I can give you 10b for this character, I don’t know that it’s worth much more considering most characters are going for about 800m per million SP. Skill injectors cost 1.6b per million SP. You’re asking for more than it would cost to simply inject.

Im sure there are plenty of characters made for extraction. This one is made for pve in a golem and does it perfectly well. Decent time invested in this one and got high standings towards multiple npc factions.
p.s. simply injecting doesnt give standings and will take roughly 31 injectors, because of diminishing, which is alsmost 25bil, add a 1b skin to that and we come to that 18b is not that much.
Im not rushing the sale and can wait for a new future owner.

For the standings I agree 18b is a decent price, but i doubt seriously more than that. I have a good in standings toon that i can inject with less cost but havereasons to do not so.

Sunday is my birthday =P

can i hope get it the saturday at 18b if nobody offer more ? As i say I have a similar Pilot who can inject myself or get first a toon with standings.

edit : if you can say standings with NPC or put a link to eveskillboard.com will be better for standings point of view.

Excuse me, i dont see why the value can be more than 13b. (14m are aprox 8b in injectors and base character 3 and 2b standings )

Offer 13b

By the way @inactive_seller i have a pilot with standings Gallente for you if u want, need a simple freighter pilot if you have one.

Price is based in the happy birthday factor and because is nice girl ( I avoid use male pilots if i can )

Send me a PM with the Eveskillboard or seek me in game, my gallente puller is male and i have a spare Female freighter to trade.

I understand now your price evaluation.

I seek u late m8

sent you ingame mail

is this the link you want ?


i think the stansdings are now visible.

yes, this type of links is the one i was asking for. @emsar_mannar please create a new thread and we can make a deal.

still up for sale
pass 1234

Offer retracted. Your char is nice, but i am more fan of Lasers and someone put a Marauder for sale and i bought.

By the way the reputations of amarr of your char are a little weak. I normally level the caldari / amarr in this brutal hub in domain.

Good luck in your sale.

Bump, still up for sale with updated price !

i would give u the 16b u asked for beginning, but sorry no isk more ^^
isk rdy

my bid is valid until 00:00 or 24:00 eve time today.


offer accepted. contact me ingame with isk and transfer credentials.

ISK and account Name send.

Isk recieved. Character transfer initiated.


Hi, are u sellinfg this character now ? was in my radar but now seeking a standings toon and only now i can find the link

Sorry for the hijacking.

Yes, i was taking a break of the game, but interested in sell her