WTB A Pilot born earlier than 2004

You need to have a short name.
You can have no skills.
You must only have employment records with NPC corporations.

If you have only one employment record, I will offer you an unexpected price.

You can bring skills links and prices.


You can bring skills links and prices.

sorry,the Employment is too long

bump x1

bump x2

You won’t find better than this!

You have an excellent account, but there are too many employment records, and I cannot accept it.

80b for me no skills of note aside from Black Market Trade - No Longer in game but still very useful for niche markets

If you’re looking for a character that’s been around for 20 years and just happens to not have joined any corporations you better be expecting to pay an awful lot for it!

bump !!

would i be of interest to you ?

what about a super clean 2007 char?

I’ve got a mid 2004 character, been sat inactive for a long time, only 900k SP.


Any interest in this toon?

2003 Character with short employment history.

2007 toon,
Short Name :slight_smile:

I would be interested - can you mail me a price ingame?

2004, short name, single npc corp history.
Offer me an unexpected price !!