WTB a ship

Quite bored…
WTB a ship. for…reasons.

What can you fly?

amarr, minmatar, and caldari.

How about a rifter?

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is it fitted?

You can buy whatever you want on the market.

put it on contract to me for…500K?

Any body else?

How about an Avatar in Basgerin with T2 Trimarks for 48.5b :slight_smile:

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tempting offer. but alas…its a bit big.

What about 1.8b fitted rattlesnake?

Perhaps…can you show me the fit?

https://evepraisal.com/a/obdo8…isayd 1.8B but it gone down in the meantime.

So u can take it a 1.4B atm, it is in jita if u wont

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