I accept your offer, Send isk and account details

@silent_terror and @VONDUTCH_TXG check mails please

What would be your price?

@Ventura_Ventura as i stated in my ad i can offer extraction value, but you have already been offered more than extraction value in your personal ad for the character, so my offer would only be lower than that :face_with_monocle:

Yeah but both guys pulled off so… f… it, hit me with your best shot :slight_smile:

Thanks for email, out of the two toons you have active offers open for its just this one left now which you quoted 71bil for. EveSkillboard - UnlimitedGalaxies

Reply to this thread when you have the liquid isk

updated your post thanks.

@Ahuai_AB 16b

Sorry looking for minimum 15m sp as stated in my ad. :point_up:

Offer accepted, please send isk…

@Ahuai_AB i will send isk and details when i get home today and you need to reply on here with the character you want to sell.

wts this

@Abad_Y nice one :+1: check your mail on Abad Y.

@VONDUTCH_TXG isk and details sent

Character Transfer Started, enjoy!

@Abad_Y isk and details sent, thanks.

Transfer process has been submitted

Price check please on

  1. https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Vulgar_Wompee
  2. https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Dab_God

Password for both 0311

thank you!