WTB All Characters 10-100m SP

Online every day so just Post Skillboards below and I will make an offer.



Very Good mining Char, Can Fly Rorqual and all other Mining Ships incl Orca


@Everiana 10 bill

hmmmm 12b ?

Let’s meet in the middle at 11b :grinning:

the middle is 10.5 bill =)

ready to complete the deal now

ok 10,5… Ready to Recieve the isk and Transfer the Char

isk and account info sent

Isk recieve and Account information recieve. Start the Transfer now.

Email from CCP received. Thanks for a smooth transaction.

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I can offer 52B for that character Dymorian Deile

That’s not even the extractor value - no thanks. 65b is my price.


August Marautschnig I can offer 42.8B

@August_Marautschnig I’ll give you 42.7 b for your toon
isk ready :wink:
see ya

@Dymorian_Deile I’ll give you 51 b for your toon
isk ready :wink:
see ya

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Jeffray_Bullet This one?


What is the password?