WTB All type of char, cash in hand

(ludikonj Dallocort) #4

Offers sent in mail @Olivia_Berett , @KayGreat_113

(KayGreat 113) #5

29 is too low, thanks for the offer.

(ludikonj Dallocort) #6

Bump :smiley:

(Inactive Seller) #10

oh yewah, very good deal. i send her 3.1 just now.

(ludikonj Dallocort) #15

Bump :smiley:

(Lalia Tarsin) #16

Both also have Cybernetics IV so it would be a quick train.

If you buy both i can offer them both for 6.7 Bill

(mioeu1976) #17


PW: 1234

4 Bill

10.2 Bill if also buy Cypher and Lalia

(ludikonj Dallocort) #18

No i am not interested for this chars @mioeu1976 , @Lalia_Tarsin

Ty for offers

(UItachi) #19

looking to sell this char
https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/UItachi horrible skill setup lol from when i first started 19.8m sp just send a offer if you want it

(ludikonj Dallocort) #20

Give me password from eveboard pls @UItachi

(UItachi) #21

123 sorry

(ludikonj Dallocort) #22

11b is my offer @UItachi

(UItachi) #23

sure send account to send it to

(ludikonj Dallocort) #24


Isk and acc name is send to your alt…

(UItachi) #25

transferring now

(UItachi) #26

in process now

(UItachi) #28

thanks alot

(ludikonj Dallocort) #29

Transfer is started TYVM @UItachi

(ludikonj Dallocort) #30

No interested ty for offer @Admiral_Bulldog

(ludikonj Dallocort) #32

I buying all but not interested for yours… Sry mate