Wtb apostle char - isk waiting

Apostle Char

Required Skills.

  • Amarr Carrier LEVEL V

  • Capital Ships LEVEL V

  • Capital remote Armor Repair Systems - LEVEL V

  • EVERY Armor skill at LEVEL V (apart from hull repair) Eww.

  • ALL Jump Drive related skill at LEVEL V

  • Tactical Logistics Reconfiguration LEVEL V - Tech 2 Triage

If you have a char with these skills trained, don’t care about anything else please get in touch. Paying good isk instantly.

ALL Jump Drive related skill at LEVEL V

Do you include bridging in that? Do you include fuel conservation to V rather than IV?

For reference, just specifying JDC level is all you need to do, since JDO is prereq to V, JFC is preqreq to IV and obs JPG is irrelevant.

I’m guessing you also want the basic support skills to tho like CPU, PG, cap management skills, targeting stuff, cybernetics, biology and other drug stuff, thermodynamics, nanite stuff, armor rigging, evasive maneuvering, smartbomb skill, reactive hardener skill?

Bridging is not required no, Fuel conservation to V is however as it’s just another thing I’d need to train myself.

Support skills should always be trained on any char - That said Cybernetics, Biology, Nurotoxin skills not required or I would of asked for them. If someone has them then I will absolutely take them.

Armor Rigging to 3 is fine, Smartbomb skill not required but as above if done I won’t complain.

To save some confusion I am after the “Perfect Apostle Char” and will pay a premium for such. If you have skills not required for this ship then you can strip them… BS 5 for instance.

If it’s easier please post links to https://eveskillboard.com and I will make a decent offer if you have what I’m looking for.

Fly safe.


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