WTB Avatar and Erebus

Lost mine. Looking to buy avatar or bus. hit me with ur offers.


I have one erebus for you: 70 B

Erebus ready,
I have a full armor fit with a couple refits. PM me an offer if you want all or part, as long as I don’t need to unrig it will sell rig+hull, full fit, or partial on anything listed

Currently Max Armor Fit
-A Type EANMS, Concord Plates, T2 Trimarks

  • X Type Active Hardeners in Cargo
  • Sensor/Tracking Mids
  • T2 Rails, Bridge, Cloak in Highs
  • Topes, Stront, Liquid O, Drugs, Ammo (All T2 and Various Faction)
  • Full Unused HG Slave Set in container


  • T2 HAW, T2 Blaster
  • Hyper+Nano Low Refit, Faction Capacitor Mids
  • Armor Links + Gallente Phenom Gen, Clone Vat, Boson, Racial DD
  • No shield refit, no EHE, No Lance/Pike

PM sent

Replied Yesterday, still looking? Please reply when you can or close thread if you’ve found your seller

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