*SOLD* PLS Close

Erebus ready,
I have a full armor fit with a couple refits.

Please post or PM Offers, I am taking partial offers for the Hull and Rigs, Rigged and Fitting, or Fitted+Refits. Whatever you like stays, whatever you don’t can go. Hauling is easy if you need another refit I can haul it in so its totally ready when I sell if you want shield refit, EHE, etc.

Currently Max Armor Fit
-A Type EANMS, Concord Plates, T2 Trimarks
-X Type Active Hardeners in Cargo
-Sensor/Tracking Mids
-T2 Rails, Bridge, Cloak in Highs
-Topes, Stront, Liquid O
-Drugs (DPS, Tracking, Capacitor),
-Ammo (All T2 for both weapon types and Various Faction)
-Full Unused HG Slave Set in container with 05, 06, and Named Gunnery and Armor Hardwirings (slot 7-10)


-T2 HAW, T2 Blaster
-Hyper+Nano Low Refit, Faction Capacitor Mids
-Armor Links + Gallente Phenom Gen, Clone Vat, Boson, Racial DD
-No shield refit, no EHE, No Lance/Pike


Asking 70B b/o for the Hull and Rigs for the next 24 hrs, after that will have to see how price rises after several get lost!
Willing to talk to Bidders at 64B Starting for Hull and Rigs

Fit (Hull and T2 Trimarks Removed): https://evepraisal.com/a/is9s6

Implants + Extras: https://evepraisal.com/a/is9qx

Taking bids for Hull+Rigs at 64B with a 70 Bill Buyout,
Fit is appraised at 10 bil, WTS separate from hull at 9 B
Extras (HG Slaves and Gunnery Implants, more Mods) at 5.5 Bil, WTS separate from hull at 5 B

Full Package Bids for the hull, rigs, fit, refits and implants starting at 76 Bil Will be accepted with a 82 Bil Buyout for the whole thing, all refits, ammo, implants included.

its a WTS or WTA? anyway, I am willing to take the Erebus + fittings (excluding Implants) for 72 billion ISK.


where is it located im intressed in buying it depending on the location

Sorry, I am WTS any part, but will take the highest bid as an auction for the whole thing or at least the Hull+Rigs.

72B is not enough, even without the implants. With implants out I would not receive a bid under 73B.

PM inbound

Private offer recieved through Eve Mail and accepted, no longer available

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