WTB: Battleship IV or V character (any race)

I read the rules, so I think I’m doing all of this right. If this post contains anything against the rules, I will amend.

I’m looking for a low SP character that has Battleship (of any race) level V as well as either missile or gunnery skills at Level 4 or 5. I don’t need, nor want to pay for, any bells and whistles. I just want a fairly basic character that I can learn to fight with, without spending 6 months training skills that I may not want on this one. Not having BS 5 doesn’t necessarily mean I won’t buy it, so don’t be afraid to post whatever.

When you post your character, please list your characters sex, and a buyout price, and the following skills (or just post an Eveskillboard profile for me to look at):

Battleship race and level
Light Drone ops
Medium Drones ops
Heavy Drones ops
Gunnery (the actual skill plus your turret type specialization)
light missiles
medium missiles
heavy missiles

Thank you.

bump, still looking

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/kaizer_kiel< not exact but a vindi incursion setup of mine

Right on, that’ll still work. What would you be looking to get for this?

I guess bump, he hasn’t responded

Sorry, been on the road for work. Feel free to mail me an offer, I will have to look at what similar characters have sold for recently to see what market value is.

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