WTB Born 2003 character with low SP

(Friedricer) #1

WTB Born 2003 character with low SP

(Friedricer) #2

Bump :slight_smile:

(Zwnken) #3

I’ve got a 04.06.2006 (MM.DD.YYYY) born w/ 3.3m SP I’d be willing to trade/sell.

(C4rlit0) #4

Live a little :slight_smile:

Free bump

(Duke Hazzard) #5

2005-10-13 ?

(Friedricer) #6

Bump :slight_smile:

(Angaia Lumiya) #7

How much for Duke Hazzard??

(Friedricer) #8

Bump :slight_smile:

(MF KRiLLiN) #9

Confirming that we reached a deal ingame on the sale of this character

(Friedricer) #10

Account information and isk sent for transfer of MF_KRiLLiN to my account.

(MF KRiLLiN) #11

Confirming that character transfer has started to the account name given ingame

(Friedricer) #12

Character arrived, thanks for trade.

(MF KRiLLiN) #13

Thank you, too! Have fun with the character!

(system) #14

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