WTB C1 Highsec, C2 Highsec/C1, C2 Highsec/C3, C3 Highsec

(Cngaar Aya) #1

WTB C1 HS, C2 HS/C1, C2 HS/C3, C3 HS wormhole systems.

POCOs at least need to be transferable. If structures present, prefer they are either transferable or inactive.

(Mabel Honeycomb) #2

We have the infrastructure and manpower to handle this for you, please contract me trough an EVE mail with your budget and we’ll see if we can arrange something

(Keno Skir) #3

^ Mabel is not known for keeping her word.

(Cngaar Aya) #4

Continuing to be in the market for the above classes of wormhole systems.