WTB C1 with LS Static

Looking for a C1 with LS static - POCOs as well if possible.

Contact Pooky Rite in game or here.

Why don’t you find one? And, why a C1?

I want a C1 to mess around in. I’ve been looking but haven’t found one. Higher class out the ass though.

Just a recommendation but your not going to make any more then nullsec unless you go c3 and above

Why do you care zander? People do what they want in this game so it’s none of your business. FYI C1 has decent money so don’t be pig headed you grub.

so as a C1 WH owner I pull 10-12 bill out of my C1 per month
PI 6-7 Bill
Researched BPOs 4-5 bill sold per month

■■■■ i dont even run sites, i sometimes mine if i want to make ■■■■, I used to leave 2-3 of my mains in a C4 corp to run C3/C5 sites and then it was just crazy money combined.

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I do something similar. PI / Blueprints / Manufacturing can–on paper–get me close to 30 bn a month. Have only ever had one month near that figure, though.

Still, 15bn a month easy is good money.

If you’re still looking, I have a c1 red giant with all POCOs. Can produce 2 P4 products in system with PI

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