WTB C5-C5 or C5-C2 or C5-C3

Looking to buy a C5-C5 or C5-C2 or C5-C3

Give me more data, and I can track down one for you. Are u willing to evict or do you require a empty system?

I want empty c5-c3 or c5-c2
I’m ready to pay 1kkk for empty system and 1kkk + 1kkk for each Astrahus if you want sell astrahuses

I will contact you in game will be on in 1 to 2 hours. We can help you out

I think we have a system for you. Completing final scans now.

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Found msg sent by agent

Are u still in need?

If so we have a wormhole just let us know

I still wtb c5-c2 or c5-c3 without effects (or Cataclysmic) and without war with the natives. I’m ready to pay a billion for empty system. I’m also willing to pay a billion for every Astrachus if the natives want to sell the system with the citadels.

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