WTB C5 Paladin Pilot x2

Want to buy two C5 Paladin pilots. Post your skills and the price you are selling for.


Still looking!

I could sell this tune SkillQ.net - SchizoWithaGun

Have been using it for c5 crabbing, so it has all the skills it needs, not perfect by any means but all the SP is only where it needs to be to crab in a paladin

How 8b sounds for it ?

No lol.
Its a specialised char, not an extract for parts.
You are looking for a specialised char, to inject this its about 18bil give or take.
So a reasonable price for it is 12bil

12b will work also. Please create a private sale thread, we’ll continue there.

Good, you have yourself a deal.
Removing char from corp and getting it ready for sale, need 24h. I’ll post the link once it’s all ready