WTB c5 wormhole

As the title says, looking for a c5 wormhole.
having an astrahaus is a bonus but empty wormholes are fine aswell.
Catacalysicm would be amazing but no/other effects are fine aswell


I’ve got a 5-1 mag with fort and astra available for 16 bn

Read your message but completely forgot to reply.

Since i am not going to use caps (upfront isk simply not worth it for me) i am not looking for a fort.

Thanks for the offer tho. Maybe someone else will read your offer and is interested

sadly already sold ( sorry )

I would be interested

Sorry for the extremely late reply. Is the offer still valid? If so, how much would you want for the hole + astra?


We have a C5-5 with Austra, Athanor+POCO already set up in the WH anchored, asking price is 10Bil. let me know what you would like to do? you can message me on here or the character that is attached to this message

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