WTB Catalysts, Coercers, Mallers, and some modules and rigs for more than Jita buy

Items must be in Jita, Perimeter, Uedama, or Sivala in an NPC station.

1500 Catalyst @ 1,050,000 ISK Each

800 Coercer @ 1,005,000 ISK Each

1760 Light Neutron Blaster II @ 810,000 ISK Each

1200 Anode Light Neutron Particle Cannon I @ 171,000 ISK Each

450 Vortex Compact Magnetic Field Stabilizer @ 208,000 ISK Each

660 Magnetic Field Stabilizer II @ 725,000 ISK Each

370 Small Hybrid Burst Aerator II @ 901,000 ISK Each

30 Maller @ 10,000,000 ISK Each

Will update with new quantities when I buy items.

Contract to CODE-Compliant Miner2. I’ll accept them as soon as I see them.


Ahh the new doctrines are calculated after the patch eh?

Excellent :smiley:

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