WTB P2 PI - suppliers needed

I am currently seeking suppliers for my expanding PI venture, below is a list of P2 i will be requiring to keep operations forever rolling.

Mechanical parts
Miniature Electronics
Supertensile Plastics
Synthetic Oil
Test Cultures
Viral Agent
Water-Cooled CPU

must be in HIGH SECURITY space - closer to the forge the better.
will collect if amount is worth a decent sum.
wanting to pay a little less then sellers price, happy to negotiate.
contracts will be checked and accepted daily subject to demand (i need 50k - 100k of each unit weekly soon to double in a few weeks).

message me in game for more info.



Just thought to give some helpful feedback.

It might be good to mention did you mean Jita buy or Jita sell prices. More clear to the potential supplier what sort of prices you’d be talking of.

Hi Lion will edit message, upon looking further into this i can see where this may cause some issues, thank you !

normally i would pay the buyers price as i would sit there playing marketeer but i would be happy to pay a little less on sellers and have a steady supply, and not have to manage the market all day to get best price.

90% on some items is not gunna work but happy to negotiate want to find some basic middle ground.



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