WTS P3/P4 materials form P|

Hello, I’m running factories that produce P4/P3 materials.
I’m willing to sell them for somewhere below the Jita sell value but still above the Buy value. I have 8 planets available making between 3-4 of them per hour and I’m able to customise these planets for your requirements.
I’m running a P2 buyback scheme for my corp so this deal does need to pay for the running costs of that but I’m open for negotiations. The results can be contracted to you within 3 jumps of jita

Can you put up a list of what are you producing ? Thanks

I’m able to adjust but currently my daily production at full capacity is:
Cryoprotectant Solution x 3960
Gel-matrix Biopaste x 3960
Robotics x 5280

these are all P2 to P3 planets so it’s very easy for me to switch some out for other P3 if I get some demand for it

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