Specializing in mass-producing P3 and P4.

If you want cheap Pi at less than Jita Sell values check our channel: Pi-R-Us for the latest updates on what price to set a buy order to be competitive for our production team.

Get advantage over your competitors by keeping up on the latest buy prices for fulfilling lots and make requests of your own today.

I will consider requests on a Jita market basis.

Orders take 1-3 days to fulfill.

So keep informed, place your buy order, and watch it be fulfilled, or make a specific inquiry.

P3 up to lots of 9000 units (scalable if needed).
P4 up to lots of 418 units (scalable if needed).

How it works (or what to expect).

The channel Pi-R-Us will MOTD the price points and lot sizes to make a mass production attractive. The more attractive the buy orders the more likely to be fufilled.

If willing to pay direct for the service and bypass the market, inquire directly to Alistair Atreides.

Otherwise keep informed on the MOTD prices and remaining lot sizes and place a buy order on the Jita market to help make the commodity attractive for production.


Will be launching a P4 production chain soon (weekend of 7-20). Stay tuned.

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