Planetary Interaction long term Market Disruption in Jita

Its 2019 and the Jita market is still overloaded with sell orders for P0-P3 items. The intention behind these sell orders isn’t to speculate on some future windfall where demand for PI product is in huge demand, it is to force players who make their living selling PI to lower their sell prices - thus, industrialists lower their buy prices. I raised this issue a year ago and was largely ignored. The fact is that someone or a cabal is forcing an artificial market price on PI products.

Isn’t that part and parcel of the game though, WHilst it will affect me too, what would you want done about it and by whom?

PI prices saw a huge bounce 3 years ago when Citadels were introduced but it’s over a year since Refineries came available and I suspect supply has finally caught up with demand. I use a lot of robotics and guidance systems in drone production. The 30 day moving average for those is about 95K ISK and that hasn’t changed much in the past 2 years.

Maybe someone is manipulating the market so that this result is intentional. If it is, well sucks to be producing pi huh

I don’t see anything unusual happening in the PI market. In general the prices go down slowly (from a record high), because less building of structures and less demand in P4. Likely also the supply went up because PI got a more convenient interface (more people are doing it).

you don’t see dozens of sell orders (some with quantities of millions) being placed regularly that are priced up to 250% of the moving average ? Its especially evident in the P1 and P2 tiers. I think Do Little is correct in that it has to do with the Citadel construction boom. Large-scale industrialists want to keep the prices down to keep production costs cheap as possible.

and how exactly does a huge sell order placed considerably above market value force other producers to lower their prices?
if average price for an item is 100isk, and you normally sell yours for 110, if I put up a whole bunch of sell orders for 250, thats not going to force you to lower your price. it may move the average sell price, so instead of selling at 110% average you are now selling at 95% average. but your still making 110 per unit just like you would have before.

the only way to manipulate market prices down, is to dump massive quantities of product to buy orders (at a profit loss in most cases mind you) and do it consistently enough that the sell orders are forced to drop to closer to the buy price. Otherwise if someone happens to have a huge sell order and keeps under-cutting you, thats not price manipulation, thats simple marketeering. and if you continue to undercut them, then you are just as guilty of driving the price down as they are.

No clue what you are talking about, but the PI stuff I’m active in (some P2, some P4) is swinging in the same price range for years (except the spike at citadel introduction). Also dumping orders at 250% above average will raise the price, won’t it?

Seems like its working as intended.

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