Planetary Materials market Jita

Whoever’s been buying up all the P1 thru P4 commodities and relisting them at prices ranging from modest to exorbitant should’ve realized by now that the PI Market is too big to corner.

All they’ve achieved is putting up billions of ISK of surplus at prices no one is buying thus driving down the sell price for everyone else.

Congratulations and an expeditious bankruptcy to you, whoever you are !

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I’d like to give my thanks to whomever’s doing this, it helped increase my nano-factory profits by quite a bit

The first rule of buyout club: Only conduct buyouts on items if you are reasonably confident that their future price trajectory is upward, or if there is an extreme supply shortage that will be sustained.

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I’m a long way from going bankrupt.

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Agree. The upcoming QOL improvements to PI and the publicity will likely increase the number of players seeking to earn profits via planets, at least for a short term. More supply = lower prices.

How are you making more money ? Buy prices on commodities are going down

but that just means it’s cheaper to buy commodities. i’m doing p2-p4, so i’ll just sell the p4 whenever it goes back up :stuck_out_tongue:

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