Pi market is dead

I haven’t made Pi in like, a year…but now looking back at it…the entire market is dead, it’s full of stockpiles never selling. Zero profit to be made.

Frankly, if you’re making Pi, you should just stop. You’re just shooting all yourselves in the foot. Correction, you’re shooting yourselves in the private parts.

Make a consortium or cartel or something. You’re now just a bunch of pathetic wankers and look sad.

Why would I stop if the minerals I mine are free? Every bit of PI I do is pure profit for me…so… :thinking:


It’s because some idiot posted how to do next-level PI, here in the forums, and the market imploded once the plebs started doing it.


Except it’s not LOL.

It’s time spent doing something. We all know this. Same reason miners are dumb.

Nah it’s because freaking CCP ruined the Pi Market with changes to what it was used for. Structures mostly.

Robotics is easily the most versatile Pi product, and look at this ■■■■■■■ disaster. A DISASTER really…and the people still making Pi are just dumb. Taking a 25% pay cut because they’re too dumb to unionize/cosort.

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There’s not even an apparent volume change in the consumption of Robotics, the price just literally dropped.

How hard is it to coordinate with big producers and say THIS is the price floor? OPEC does it for oil…

Figure it out. Looking at it just looks completely dumb…there aren’t that many people producing THAT much P3.

One Omega factory set-up could produce like 35,640 P3 per day…

That’s 1/5th to 1/10th the entire daily volume of Robotics…you telling me 10 Omegas can’t consort and figure out a price floor for the entire Robotics market?

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How many countries does OPEC have to control? How many planets are there in Eve?

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It’s never about those things. It’s about how much of total volume-share does a FEW control.

Like I said, just 10 Omega accounts would completely control the Robotics Market…

Can’t be that hard…just no one cares to. And it shows with deflationary “race to the bottom” style price floors.

In economics it’s called Beggar-Thy-Neighbor.

It’s generally considered retarded by most economists. Only stupid shits like Saddam’s Iraq and Venezuela fall into that trap anymore.

I’d also argue that the Robotics Market IS the Pi market.

Gel-matrix Biopaste is a close second.

If you set those prices, all other Pi-prices will probably follow, because of the nature of how those two specific P3 get used.

I don’t know…Trying to control anything sounds like a lot of work…

And this would mean that I wouldn’t be able to sell my goods when I want to, which sounds terrible! I log into EVE to relax and have fun and mine to make some iskies, and now someone comes in and tells me I can’t do that anymore? That doesn’t sound like fun gaming to me!

Other people can control things if they want to, and I’m going to keep playing how I like. Besides, if I make less profit, I can just start more PI colonies to make up for it.

Who cares how much PI sells for? I am keeping everything I produce so that I can someday make my Palatine Keepstar.


Unprofitable for someone means profitable for someone else.


Scoots that’s true with anything. But there are a few markets that are easily within grasp of a few coordinated producers. P3 and P4 are definitely candidates.

Theres a lot more price the Pi market could bear.

Cursorily glancing there’s zero real reason for a price drop other than producers are stupid and like a 25% pay cut.

That or there is a legitimate stockpile but I doubt there’s MORE robotics being produced now than a year ago.

Consumption appears to have remained the same.

I’m pretty sure 1 planet is more than enough to capture any p4. Just one planet if you’re willing to subsidize long enough to wipe out competitors who dont agree to raise price.

So your idea is to raise prices . . . by lowering the prices?


That’s basically how cartels work. They lower prices to blow away non-conforming producers. Then raise the price when they have most of the pressure in sales.

Then they balance each other’s sales so the price is rather stable. New producers also benefit but often wont be able to represent enough market share to impact the price.


Another method would be if they know they are most of the production they can agree to stop selling at the lower price and the other producers won’t be able to sustain a lower price.

Just depends

That is because there is an infrastructure cost - once competitors are driven out of business, they have a lot of trouble coming back. I don’t see an analogy with PI.


That’s not really accurate. The reason I chose the word consortium is because this is precisely what the south did after the civil war.

The southern planters consortium kept prices of tobacco and cotton artificially high up until the 1930s.

And every asshat in the south could grow either of those. No barrier to entry.