Monthly Economic Report - February 2019

The Monthly Economic Report for February 2019 is now ready!

The raw data that makes up this report can be downloaded here. (25.7MB)

For deeper understanding of the indices used in the report, please have a look at the following explanations.

Mineral Price Index (MPI)
The Mineral Price Index (MPI) shows the price changes in all eight minerals used to produce ships and other items in EVE. The weight of each mineral in the index changes each month is based on the relative trade values of the previous month.

Primary Producer Price Index (PPPI)
The Primary Producer Price Index consists of manufacturing items used for the production of other manufacturing items at the secondary stage. Manufacturing items used for the production of final consumer goods are excluded. The index includes such item groups as ore, moon materials, planetary commodities, sleeper relics, and items used in invention.

Secondary Producer Price Index (SPPI)
The Secondary Producer Price Index contains production materials and other production items that are used in the manufacturing of consumer goods, i.e. goods included in the Consumer Price Index.

Consumer Price Index (CPI)
The Consumer Price Index measures the overall price changes of consumer products. This is not limited to consumables such as fuel, ammunition or PLEX, but also includes assets such as ships, modules, implants and starbase structures. In summary, anything that is not primarily used to produce other goods is included in the index, which contains over 4000 individual items.


Tin foil hats for sale! One mil ISK each through 1 bil contracts in Jita! Grab yours now! :slight_smile:


That secondary index is still going up and up. That is getting pretty concerning and really impacting people who use T2 ships heavily. It’s especially showing on the larger T2 hulls where the prices are getting into capital price ranges.
Are there any plans to revisit moon goo, the additions to high sec moons helped for a short term, but the value on them is below even normal high sec ores again now, & I would guess the index is being driven mainly by the rarer moon minerals as a result. Perhaps they need a higher yield when refining for all of them in order to stop that secondary index continuing through the roof.

Edit: While price isn’t a primary balance point, it certainly should be a factor, and comparing T2 prices to similar size pirate vessels, you are seeing huge difference with the normally more powerful pirate vessel being the vastly cheaper ship as well. Which says there are issues somewhere in there.


Please tell me bounty changes are being considered, this is not healthy :frowning:




Hopefully skill book price overhaul you promised in the blog will help this sink vs faucet defecit.


It will hit the wrong people if it does. The people making that isk faucet are not the ones buying core skills.


Do you know what, ccp will not fix these problems until people get pissed. We’ve seen this behavior in their studio in the past.

This is far, far, far beyond “not healthy”.

The question is, Why is a world renoun economist who controls the economy of eve in real time allowing 6.5 Quadrillion isk to enter the game with out change? If we can recognize this problem, why has the lead economist not addressed it? The answer is because ccp is directly forcing him to not fix this problem, This is the means in which the economy is being inflated, which results in more plexing, which means more money for ccp and even more when the plexs inflation hits high enough with the alpha nerfs going in to make the game impossible to “play for free”.

Do you know whats causing the isk gains in ratting to be so high? Capitals. End of story. Remove their ability to rat, and watch what happens to that number.

I’d be interested in hearing an exact number of capitals out there. I’m willing to bet at 150m an hour capital, and 300m an hour super, you will find out just how much of that isk is being caused by capital and super capital ships.

hands down, over 80% of that isk is from capital ships.


are we talking inflated 10m today, or the inflated value + 10m tomorrow?
I’ll take 10 please.

Removal of “free insurance payout” is long overdue. The sentiment behind it was “if newbros lost their only ship - they are not completely out of ISK”, but that sentiment is outdated and obsolete as newbros can get isk for their new ship and fit without undocking via Project Discovery.

I have an idea for another small ISK sink: every change of ship’s skin costs some ISK depending on ship size. For example, to change SKIN on:
corvette player will have to pay 5 000 ISK
frigate - 10 000 ISK
destroyer - 50 000
cruiser - 100 000
BC - 500 000
BS - 1 mil
Carrier, Dreadnought, FAX - 5 mil
SC - 10 mil
Titan - 50 mil
(price multiplier for faction ships x1.5, for T2 and pirate ships - x2, for T3 ships - x2.5)
Players could still browse and try their skins in ship fitting window, but changing it should require a confirmation.
I think it is pretty straightforward and reasonable enough.

Just my typical monthly post stating that bounties mechanics are in dire need of a fix.

Preemptive second statement yes inflation is happening at an alarming rate and that the CPI is skewed by the influx of minerals from Rorquals,.

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That economist left the company in 2014.


That will only help if CCP rips Titan skills out of all people’s heads and increase the titan skillbook prices to 100B. If that does not happen, the price changes will not show any noticeable effect.

Only partially correct. Completely correct would be “Super capitals (and titans) do that”. Fix is easy: remove titans, supers and rorquals from EVE and almost everything is fine again.

However, CCP brought this upon themselves with these utterly dumb changes to carrier handling as well as the utterly stupid structures without any foresight on the implications. Or they had that foresight and did it anyway because CCP.
People ratted with carriers in the past as well and never had that been that big of an issue. It only turned into an issue after CCP and the GSM introduced this utterly stupid Capitals Online focus and forced Capitals only down everyone’s throat like pulp down the tube of a fattening goose. This ruined so much of the experience of EVE, and it necessitates this income in order to afford these capitals.

And now, in their stupid wisdom, CCP keeps treating the symptoms of this change disease by making it harder to rat even in smaller ships instead of curing the disease itself. Typical dumb pharma approach of treating instead of curing.

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These things are always so cool to look at

That is my bad then, I was unaware eyjo left.
none the less, there are economists there that are skilled that should know better.

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Na, i imagine that a large amount of that isk is from carriers.

All capitals should be moved away from being able to damage subcaps, including subcap rats.

You forget that priority is on CCP’s economics. Not EVE’s - this one’s economics follow directives which are in line with CCP’s venture targets. Now find the behavioural correlation with conditional change in line with EVE’s gradual but consistant migration towards a different commercial product model.

CCP monitors everything, as long as its metrics do not signal a development compromising the prioritised focus, that’s it - and that alone should tell you something.

You know what would help that? People in the rest of nullsec actually mining their moons.

I think that’s an oversimplification, man. If you look at the numbers by region, it’s pretty wide-spread. Yes, caps and supers accelerate the curve some, but if you remove Delve completely, You only drop 1/7th of that massive ‘bounties’ bar away. Is Branch all supers and titans? Detorid? Esoteria? Querious shouldn’t be, I don’t think the locals have anywhere to put them.

Honestly, I think the bigger reason is that none of the big players are really doing anything. There’s no need to. So people are filling up their idle time printing ISK.

There are no economists on-staff at CCP now, no.