WTB Character from 2003


  • Female
  • Birth date in 2003
  • Preferably Gallente origin
  • Skill points do not matter

Please post potential candidates with a Char Tools link.

Thanks and kind regards,

My search is still ongoing. bump

This Char is for sale.
Suede Skill & Standings Sheet (tools4eve.com)


How about this

@hewell Does not match preferences, but thanks anyway.

What kind of price were you looking for? I might be interested

Jan 2005… too far off?

I’m still looking for a char. bump

Still searching. Any further proposals out there?

Back in Punxsutawney? Daily bump, the search is still on.


I’m from 2003 and just sat on a shelf. I’m also the 737th character born on Eveboard.

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