WTB character marauder (vargur or paladin or golem)

I will buy a character with a marauder (vargur or paladin or golem)

  1. Link to skills
  2. What is available for assets (implants, ship, lawsuits)
  3. What is the relation to factions.
  4. The price is preferably adequate inexpensive.

make me an offer

im not sure if the rules have changed since i last sold a toon but your not allowed to sell assets when u sell an account

25b? What is you offer

nope buddy i will pass offer way to low but thx

It’s just that you don’t have looters, that’s not what I need. But I wonder how much you want for it?:

LOL that skill is not even worth half that amount.

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2 mid cristal set + ganery imlants
assets of approximately 500kk (several inexpensive ships, a bunch of inexpensive modules scattered throughout space)
offer the price yourself please as I am not sure how much it costs (I sell the character 1 time)

7b b/o

Привет, 7.5миллиардов?

what is you price? I wana buy.

dayly bump


No assets with this character aside of a bunch of random skins. No expensive pods either.

It can pull level 4 missions with the Sisters of Eve and Spacelane Patrol. Security status 3.7

Character has 72.1M SP and nearly 4.7M SP unallocated so there’s a lot of customizing you could do right of the bat.


Character Sheet offer

15b? or your offer?

15b? or your offer?aa

30b? or your offer?

dayli bump