WTB Vargur character

As the title said. Looking for Vargur Character. Character will be used for C5 ratting.

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Bump :).

Bump :slight_smile:

Bump :slight_smile:

Bump :slight_smile:

Have a vargur capable subcap pilot, if you’re interested.

How much ?

Looking for 65b

65B that i can get you tomorrow after selling some plex?

I’ll accept that offer. I believe to make it kosher with forum rules, I’ll need to make a seperate forum post. let me set that up.

Hey actually hold off for now.

bump :slight_smile:

would you be interested in this character https://skillq.net/char/PieceOfMind

Golem is better than Vargur! 40B will get you a near perfect marauder pilot!

SkillQ.net - Mysterious Intent

im interested for 32b

invalid link

Maybe this one works? SkillQ.net - Mysterious Intent

how much for that one?

I am near perfect Vargur/Loki pilot 32m SP.

HAM/HAML/AC/Artillery Loki
Marauders IV
Magic 14
Matar Covert Ops + Hacking V for yummy covert data sites.
Armor/Shield skills.

Depends on your budget can offer this toon as it is or sucked up a bit))

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