WTB Complete Drone BPO Sets

I am looking to buy T1 drone BPO sets, if there are any out there. Not fighters at this time.



Shouldn’t a player of your renown know that they need to be a bit more specific than that? Location, research level, etc.?

If I wanted to buy them at 6ME/14TE located in Thera for 1.357B I would have said just that. I can decide for myself when people message me with offers if they are acceptable or not.

i think i got full set of ewar drone BPO¨’s near jita if you intrested 10/20

All races? What are you asking?

I have acolyte EV/TD-300, berserker SW 900, hobgoblin SD-300, hornet EC-300, valkyrie SW-600, vespa EC-600 and Warrior TP-300. they all go for like ~20m in contracts for 10/20, so could sell all for 160m (located near jita and can be transported to jita)

I found a contract for all 15 for less than 300M, thank you.

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