WTB Cyno/Hunter alt (Cyno V)

Looking for a hunter / cyno alt with skills:

Cyno V
Cloaking IV
Recon Ships
Tengu or Proteus would be bonus

Willing to spend 10b - 15b for the right character / skills / name.

I am not tengi but :slight_smile:


  • CYno V
    Caldari Cruiser V - Falcon
    Caldari Frigate V - Helios
    Recon Ships III
    Mining Frigate V (endurance/prospect in 30 minutes for blops cyno)
    Gallente Industrial V

This character is in alpha but not use for now. Offer decent and i sell.

hey this looks close to what i am after but needs some injection.

Iā€™d offer 5b for this character but i may leave this open for a short while to see what other options there are

5b is ok for me. =)

No problem i wait


any news ?

One peoprle ask me by mail if i am available for sale. Yes i am. Answer here if interested, i can deliver tomorrow because i am in a long work shift.

Hi I would like to offer 4.5b for Nakuri.

I have now an offer by 5b via eve mail. If the guy dont answer today, tomorrow maybe i sell to u. Thanks for the offer

Thank you for your response, and congratulations on your sale.

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